The creative room

In the basement, one room is furnished as a traditional meeting room with top modern meeting facilities, IT and AV equipment. The other meeting room is a "creative room" where meeting participants can use their own creativity and furnish it entirely as needed with mobile tables, chairs and sofas. This is the ultimate room for creating ideas.

The walls in the creative meeting room are fitted with idea boards in six colours from NSF, Nordisk Skoletavle Fabrik. The six boards are inspired by the creative tool "6 Thinking Hats", which was invented by the physicist and author, Edward de Bono. He is by many considered as being the world's leading authority in terms of creative thinking and teaching thinking as a skill.

The idea boards are an exciting tool that can be used for all types of meetings and will help to create overview and understanding, when a meeting and its participants get stuck in argumentation. The boards work as an exciting cooperation tool and the idea behind them is that meeting participants get to see all sides of an actual case.

In this way, the value of being able to meet and create joint results and goals can be achieved. You create the meeting frameworks, regardless of whether this concerns brainstorming, moving on in a process, or if you simply need a break in the course of a hectic meeting day with plenty of work. 

  • White board for objective facts
  • Red board for feelings 
  • Black board for the negative assessment in form of logical barriers
  • Yellow board for the positive assessment in form of logical advantages
  • Green board for creative alternatives
  • Blue board for process control

See the creative room here.